INTO THE UNKNOWN: Charting the future agenda

It is widely believed that the importance for organizations to embrace uncertainty and step beyond traditional risk management can lead to foster innovation and growth.

These disruptions have shifted out perceptions, as humans, of how the world works–they are coming in with a lot of moot points along the way, in particular around ethics and the value of humanity itself.

This year’s topics cover issues and challenges in governance, risk and compliance (GRC) practices incorporating the rise of disruptive technology such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, and also the urgency of the sustainable development goals (SDGs).

Risk Beyond 2023 is back and will be held Hybrid in Bali. We need to embrace the unprecedented challenges and opportunities in this globalization era. It is time to build our resiliency to bounce back for a better future.

Risk Beyond 2023 is the thirteenth International Conference in Enterprise Risk Management presented by ERMA. It is designed to provide risk management practitioners around the world an extensive insight into various GRC issues that organizations face while cultivating shifted perceptions.


Risk Beyond 2023 International Conference is the ideal interface for experts and practitioners from business, economics, technology, and other fields to create synergies to govern and manage risk.

This event introduces a variety of topics such as:

  • The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Navigating the Wild Frontier
  • Blockchain Breakthroughs: Unleashing the Power of Trust and Transparency in Finance
  • Sustainable Synergy: The ESG-GRC Nexus for Corporate Resilience
  • Unlocking Resilience: The Key to Bouncing Back Better
  • Chatbots and Gen-AI: Redefining the Human-Machine Interaction
  • ESG Synergy for Prosperity: Integrating Social Transformation into Risk Management
  • The Art of Risk Management in a Dynamic World: From Boardroom to Frontline
  • Beyond Compliance: How ESG Transforms Corporate Governance and Culture
  • Global Dynamics, Local Impact: Addressing Social Challenges
  • Finance in Flux: Embracing Tech Disruption and ERM Resilience

Who Should Attend?

Risk Beyond 2023 International Conference is designed to meet the needs of risk professionals from various corporate functions including Board Members, C-level Officers, Directors, Managers, and Heads of Department in Regulatory and Supervisory Authorities, Auditing, Finance, Compliance, IT Auditing, Information Technology, Corporate Governance, Corporate Affairs, and many other corporate functions.


Discover Risk Beyond Through Video

Risk Beyond 2023 is back in Bali, Indonesia.

Risk Beyond is back live in Bali, and will once again host hundreds of leading governance, risk, and compliance practitioners and decision makers from around the world.