In the Risk Beyond 2024 International Conference, risk professionals would be able to devote two full days with hundreds of regional and national risk management professional peers.

A Chance to Connect

Get a unique chance to connect with other risk professionals from all over the region, by forming trust, sharing ideas and experience, and perhaps helping one another toward your common goals.

A Chance to Learn

Get a valuable chance to learn from professionals and companies with different settings, challenges, and goals, and get the most comprehensive insights for your company’s growth.

A Chance to Discover

Get a chance to discover new perspectives and ideas by gaining new insights you may not have thought before.

2 Days. 30+ experts. Unlimited Possibilities.

Risk Beyond International Conference on Enterprise Risk Management 2024 is back live and will be held on December 5-6, 2024, taking place at the beautiful and luxurious The Anvaya Beach Resort in Bali, Indonesia.